Half of adults want Blue Peter back on BBC One

Blue Peter
Blue Peter

Half of adults want Blue Peter to be reinstated to its original format and screened on terrestrial television, a study has found.

The once-popular kids' classic was moved to digital channel CBBC with a repeat of an episode on June 13 - failing to record a single viewer.

At the height of its popularity the show was regularly getting eight million viewers while it was on in the late afternoon on BBC1.

But half of the 1,000 people surveyed by OnePoll.com want to see the original format of the show bought back onto terrestrial TV, with BBC1 the most popular choice.

A third of people even said the news of the slump in viewers saddened them, saying Blue Peter was a part of their childhood.

However, another 30 per cent admitted that while they were sad at the news, it doesn't surprise them as times change.