Wife of Dungannon Swifts manager Rodney McAree reveals pride at Irish League side

Adele Tate reveals she gets ready in a flash
Adele Tate reveals she gets ready in a flash

Having wed football-mad Rodney McAree, manager of Irish League side Dungannon Swifts, in November 2008, one might be forgiven for assuming football chat is out of bounds for style-conscious wife Adele Tate after the long hours her husband spends preparing and training throughout the week.

But for bubbly Adele, whom Rodney credits for smartening up his wardwobe when they first began dating, the passion is palpable, and the excitement and pride at her husband’s success is certainly catching.

Stunning Adele tate, wife of Dungannon manager Rodney McAree

Stunning Adele tate, wife of Dungannon manager Rodney McAree

Whilst chatting merrily about our mutual bond of spouses working in the Irish League, Adele explains, “Football is Rodney’s passion, he loves it.

“My mum always says to me, he could be doing worse things, so if he’s ever in a bad mood about a result I always let it go!

‘‘Eventually I see Rodney moving into full-time football, that’s what he wants to do. He loves it and is so good at what he does.”

It certainly seems as though the sky is the limit for this hardworking duo, as Adele’s career has also gone from strength to strength.

Having worked across local stylish boutiques before being headhunted to her current role as frames buyer for Alexander and Bain opticians, people person Adele’s passion for customer service is evident.

“I worked in boutique fashion for 20 years which I loved”, she explains. “Now I am still doing what I am good at, but just in a totally different aspect of it.

“It is lovely and I am absolutely loving it! You can go from working with a 95 year-old to a three year-old, the variation is amazing and the girls are great.

“The customer aspect is absolutely still there which is great. I am a real people person.”

Having just recently returned from a trip buying the new collection in Milan, Adele adds: “It was totally different to the clothes environment. You just get that buzz back again, it was really interesting. The European market is so cosmopolitan and ahead of the trends.”

Despite her stylish reputation, Adele reveals she doesn’t like to spend too much time in front of the mirror but stays “well groomed” for her customer-facing role.

“I’m very lazy”, she laughs. “But I have a good routine. I cleanse and tone with Payot Paris and moisturise using Bioline Aqua. I stick to what I know.

‘‘I get a blowdry once or twice a week, as I can’t do my own hair as it is naturally curly and an absolute nightmare! I never wear too much makeup, but I constantly have my semi-permanent lashes on.

“In the morning, altogether, it takes me half an hour to get ready. For a big night out, I’ll have gotten my makeup done by my best friend and makeup artist Andrea Murray at Rouge in Moy, so it’s just a case of straight back home and getting changed. It’s about a 15-minute turnaround!”

Fresh-faced Adele also cites Charlotte Tilbury Brightening Youth Glow as her hero product, “Believe me I need it!

“After work if I am going on to something, especially with Rodney being asked to so many things recently, I just apply it over my day makeup and it takes it from day to night. It is very easy for me, because I am not good at makeup.

“I also love a good matt lipstick. My Victoria Beckham lipstick in Chilean Sunset is my favourite.”